What is Gumboots?

Gumboots is a South African non-profit company and is a registered public benefit organisation (PBO).

We provide support to community-based projects in Alexandra Township, with a focus on education. We raise money through donations, fund-raising events and sponsorships – both in South Africa and abroad – and then monitor and control funds that are channelled to our projects, thereby making a positive contribution to change and the upliftment of underprivileged South Africans.

  • Projects commit to transparency, enabling supporters to see how their donations are spent and what has been achieved. Biannual newsletters are sent to project supporters and posted on the website.
  • Gumboots is about partnerships, sharing and working together to fulfil dreams through playing a positive part in South Africa. It is not about creating dependency simply by giving money.
  • Donors are encouraged, where practical, to engage directly with the projects and, to enable this, visits to Alexandra can be arranged.
  • Donors are advised that it is Gumboots policy that donors only pay their donations directly into the Gumboots Bank account. No individual whether or not a director, trustee or employee of Gumboots is authorised to receive donations on behalf of the Foundation.

Gumboots goals

To empower children through education, both formal and informal, while also ensuring that their basic needs are met by providing food, shelter, healthcare and recreation.

To strengthen and support local home-grown projects with local leadership and to secure a sustainable long-term solution.

To help strengthen local communities both through financial assistance and by fostering a mutual understanding.

To provide individuals and organisations with an opportunity to be directly involved financially and personally in community development projects.

To provide honest and informative feedback on the progress of the projects and transparency in the use of donor money.

To seek partnership rather than dependency, with the focus being to uplift all involved through building relationships between Gumboots, donors and beneficiaries.

Let's Work Together!

Our Projects

This is what we are all about. Fundamental to Gumboots is the facilitation of a connection between supporters and the projects bringing you closer to the community, closer to the people, the faces, the work and the stories of success ... as well as sometimes the failures; the complexities and contradictions of our diverse South Africa.
Gumboots is currently supporting four projects in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg:


The Gumboots Team

The Gumboots Team comprises a committed group of part-time volunteers based in South Africa, the UK and the USA (via its associate, Kidlinks World, based in Madison, Wisconsin). Both Gumboots UK and Kidlinks World are registered charities within their home domains.

Gumboots Newsletters

Gumboots Foundation would not be able to operate in Alexandra Township without the funding and support of the many donors, both individual and corporate, who continue to give their time and money to help improve the lives of the children in Alex. The Gumboots Foundation, the project leaders and the hundreds of children who receive the support in a variety of ways are very grateful to you, the donors. Twice a year a project newsletter is emailed to the large data base of those who have donated, as well as those interested in what we are doing.